Task Management Done Right

Posted on 09/28/2012 ยท Posted in Blog

Hey guys, we’re excited to introduce a new section on stammtec.de: the blog! Here we want to share what excites us, what we find cool or useful or what problems we have to face and how we solve then. The topics we’ll cover include Web Design, HTML/JavaScript/CSS and other topics that concern us Web Developers. So here we go with our first post:

There are some essentials when working on a large project along with other developers. One important thing is Task Management. Having the tasks organized and synchronized between all team members helps you focusing on the important tasks and knowing, what features are yet to be developed and what already has been done.

Let me introduce: Wunderkit

Wunderkit is a task managment tool by 6Wunderkinder which Simon discovered. We used it throughout the whole development process of our Mango Admin Template. As a designer, Simon really loved the User Interface of Wunderkit and I liked the really simple and intuitive User Experience. In addition, this web service is completely free and has an open community.
But after having used it for some months, some things annoyed us. That included the heavy Javascript that had some bugs and the User Interface that sometimes felt a bit slow. Moreover, I really missed a Windows App (there were apps for OSX, iOS and Windows Phone but not for Windows).
Nonetheless we sticked to Wunderkit because despite all of that we were able to work with it quite well.

How we switched to Producteev (and why we sticked to it)

(04:39:55 PM) Markus: OT: Let’s switch to another tasks manager
(04:40:02 PM) Stammi: Another than Wunderkit?
(04:40:08 PM) Markus: yep

Our decision to switch away from Wunderkit was as short as this. After having checked some other tools, we found Producteev:

(05:01:18 PM) Markus: http://www.producteev.com/
(05:03:46 PM) Stammi: Sounds good…

Some minutes later we both created accounts and tried it out. And it blew our expectations! Some things we really liked:

  • (Up to now) bugfree, fast and clean User Interface
  • Support for sub-tasks and ratings from 0 to 5
  • A really great IM notifier, that even allows you to add tasks via IM
  • Apps for iPhone, Android and desktop apps for Mac and Windows

Later that day I copied all our open tasks to Producteev and we fully switched to using it.

What you can learn from this

Well, how is task management done right? Let me tell you: There is no “task management done right”. There ain’t the good or the bad way of task management. There is only a way that suits you more. And what is even more important: Flexibility matters. Don’t be afraid of change, otherwise you could waste a lot of time on things you could accomplish better.

For me, that is an important philosophy. You know flamewars like Windows vs. Mac OS vs. Linux or Canon vs. Nikon. I hate them because factually it’s not good vs. evil but rather two competing alternatives, each having it’s own benefits and handicaps. This is why we have to base our decisions on our own expiriences. And you will notice that this applies to many, many cases.

So, be open for alternatives, try them out honestly and don’t be afraid of change. This is what we did and we did not regret it.


This is not a product review or a product comparison. Apart from the fact that I’m using Producteev, I have no relationship to the company behind it. The same goes for 6Wunderkinder (the company behind Wunderkit). Also, I love both products and encourage you to try out both. All evaluations expressed here are my humble opinion, feel free to check and verify what you read here and write a comment, if you don’t agree with me.

Language Disclaimer

English is not my first language and I’m aware of the fact, that there may be typos or stylistic errors in my writings. If you find one, I’d be thankful if you contact me so I can improve my writing and my english skills :)