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Mango – Slick & Responsive Admin Template

Posted on 08/04/2012 · Posted in Admin Templates

Mango was our biggest project so far. I developed it together with my friend Markus over several months. Mango is a slick and responsive Admin Template, which comes with all features you can imagine – and even those you can’t imagine. It is build with modern techniques like HTML5 and CSS3 to be used for backend solutions of any size. It has custom elements, 30+ plugins, 15+ custom plugins and a very flexible content structure. Mango supports 12 columns grid for main content and widgets make the whole Admin Template very flexible for different types of data and content. The propably most sophisticated Admin Template you have ever seen is waiting for you! It was also well honoured by ThemeForest: Mango was featured!

Some Facts

Clean & Professional Look

What is important regarding Admin Templates? Clean design that won’t strain your eyes and clean, well documented and easily usable code. Mango comes with both.

Responsive Layout

You have users using an iPad or iPhone? Or someone who owns an Galaxy S3? No problem, Mango is fully responsive matching every device you access it with.

Work on Your Backend, not on Your Backend’s Frontend

Tired of setting everything up manually? Mango is not like other Admin Templates, you only write the HTML and it creates everything you need automagically.

Page Templates

Mango contains several page templates, including: Profile Page, FAQ, Search Results Page, Login, (printable!) Invoice, …

Full of Usefull Elements

Mango comes with a large number of usefull elements. Sliders? Yep. Forms with validation? Sure. A nice settings dialog? Even that.

Messages Elements

Your Admin Template contians social functionality? Great, Mango includes several elements to display conversations between you and other Backend users.

Lock Screen

Ever cared who checks your computer while you’re out for lunch? You don’t need to, Mango has a Lock Screen to secure your important data.

Unique Statistics

Your head is full of meaningless numbers? Mango’s Fullstats Elements will visualize everything you like, from levels to minicharts.

DataTables with TableTools

You have a huge amount of data to organize? No problem, Mango includes the great DataTables plugin and even supports the TableTools extension!

All Features

  • Fluid and fully responsive 12 column grid
  • Build with HTML5 , CSS3 and Javascript
  • 30+ Plugins:
    • Flot charts with
      • Lines, Bars (horizontal/vertical), Pies
      • Tooltips
      • Generation from HTML Tables
    • Calendar
    • DataTables with TableTools support
    • File Explorer
    • Syntax Highlighter
  • 15+ Custom Plugins
    • Alert Elements Generation
    • Dual Select
    • Password Strength Meter
    • Tabs
    • Wizard
  • Page Layout
    • Left and Right Sidebar
    • Fixed Toolbar with Popups
    • User Menu
    • Shortcuts List with Popups
    • Messages Menu
    • Header Buttons
    • Sticky Sidebar
  • User Interface:
    • 3 Types of Buttons
      • Buttons with Icons
    • Fully customizable Progress Bars
      • Animated Progress Bars
      • Progress Bars with Titles
    • Tabs
    • Accordion and Toggle Accordion
    • Tooltips
    • 6 Types of Badges
    • Notifications (based on jGrowl)
    • Fully styled jQuery UI Elements
    • 5 Types of Alert Boxes and 3 additional styling options
    • Notepad element
    • Gallery with:
      • Toolbar
      • Badges
      • LightBox
    • News Element
    • Code View
    • Messages Element in 2 styles
    • Pricing Tables
    • Lots of icons
      • 200+ @font-face Icons
      • 250+ White Icons
      • 350+ Black Icons
      • 3000+ Colored Icons
  • Forms
    • Elements:
      • Auto-Grow Textarea
      • WYSIWYG
      • Styled Selects
      • Tags Select
      • Dual Select
      • Datepicker/Timepicker/Datetimepicer
      • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
      • Sliders
      • Autocomplete
      • Password Strength Meter
      • Spinner
      • File Upload
      • Color Picker
      • Masked Inputs
      • Full Width Form Grid
    • Validation:
      • Validation of all Form Elements
      • Popup Error Labels
      • Inline Error Labels
    • HTML5 Multiple Files Uploader
    • Forms Wizard
  • Tables
    • Static or Dynamic (with DataTables)
    • Support for TableTools
    • Custom Table Toolbars
    • Full Page Tables
  • Page Templates
    • Login
    • Profile Page
    • Printable Invoice Page
    • FAQ
    • Search Results
    • Error Page (404)
  • Extra Elements
    • Settings Dialog
    • Search Element
    • Sidebar Progress Bars
    • Lock Screen
  • And much more…